#47: AMall Glen Cove Comp

The AMall Glen Cove Comp was held Saturday, Feb. 27 at Glen Cove Elementary School in Valencia, Calif., a legendary Bay Area spot.

Competitors included Ivan Narez, Victor Arias, Michael Braud, Korey Waikiki, Stephen Babcock, Boo Garnsey, John Vossoughi, and more.

You can download the episode directly here, or on iTunes or Stitcher.

(The cover photo of John Vossoughi was taken by Erick Garcia, by the way.)

While many of the rails are capped, there are a few that were stripped and remain so to this day.

Since the first and only time I was there I cracked a few ribs trying a switch-up on the easiest rail there, I left my skates in the trunk.

Instead, I stuck to awkwardly shoving an audio recorder in people’s faces or yelling at inanimate objects.

Of all the things I learned that day, it’s that I’m kind of an asshole.

For my listeners who already know—namely my awesome Patreon supporters— it’s not all going to be gold, but I think it’s worth something.

I’ll report. You decide.

Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans


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