#121: Theresa Choi

Y’all like inclusivity?

Theresa Choi is a 17-year veteran rollerblader who actually did her first grind before she could even skate. We talk about the daunting task of finding skates that fit small feet and her first time competing at the Blading Cup.

But Theresa, Philip Moore, and I mostly got together to discuss a Blading Cup-exclusive pin inspired by a 1991 Playboy cover. We thought it was worth discussing because not only is Blading Cup the largest women’s competition in the United States, it’s also where Phil urged the rollerblading community to be a more inclusive space.

Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear the reaction from Craig, the man behind iRollNY and the pin itself.

We hope you find this episode to be an illuminating part of a larger conversation and, thanks to rollerblading and the people in it, we’re able to continue towards a more inclusive future.

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