#118: Veteran’s Cup

Hit play and join us at another Blading Cup.

Held as part of the Blading Cup in lovely Santa Ana, Calif., the Veteran’s Cup is for people over the age of 35 with a bunch of adult responsibilities.

For those of us who qualify, it’s not only the chance to skate with people of a similar cohort, but we also get to session with guys we looked up to as kids.

This episode features interviews with Daniel Rosado, Mike Budnik, Brandon Ford, David Wittman, Carlos Jaquez, and more.

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Huge thanks to Jon Julio, Jason Reyna, Miguel Ramos, the Franken brothers, and everyone else who contributes to putting on the Blading Cup every year.

Also congrats to Phil Moore for winning the whole damn thing.

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- Brian Krans


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