Rollerblading and a #MeToo Moment


Tents at Roskilde in 2014 (Photo via WikiCommons user Knak)

 by Brian Krans

Nearly two months ago, Victoria Acevedo posted on Instagram that she was “sexually abused by an American skater” while traveling through Europe in 2014. 

In her July 15 post, she shared a photo taken of her outside the premiere for Formosa in 2018, smiling with a closed mouth and walking with her hands in her jacket pockets. 

“How can I fight so that in skating they stop supporting sexual abusers?” she wrote. 

Next was a photo of a piece of art she says she made the year after her alleged attack, a body bloodied and dismembered and violently penetrated. 

At the bottom of her post, she tagged Chris Farmer and included the hashtag #MeToo

The post was shared on “Rollerblading Rollerblading,” a popular group on Facebook. Most of the reactions were immediate: they either condemned Farmer or his accuser. Some responses were supportive of her coming forward, years after the fact. Others questioned her motives and delved into what parts of her past were easily accessible.  

The events have been characterized by those in our community with no first-hand knowledge of the situation as a drunken hookup at a weeks-long party re-written in a lens of regret, remorse and revenge. Others, however, applauded her bravery for coming forward about an incident that occurred while in the company of dozens of other rollerbladers. 

The #MeToo movement has inspired women to come forward to tell their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. It has been a simple statement that has snowballed to topple extremely powerful men, from alleged serial predators like Harvey Weinstein to reluctantly resigned former U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. 

Those accusations often stemmed from events that happened years to decades ago, when few people were listening and many women’s accusations were dismissed as part of the boys-will-be-boys status quo. 

In this case, the events in question happened five years before the allegations were made public.

Because rollerblading remains a male-dominated sport, accusations of sexual assault levied against any of us — let alone a longtime professional — should be taken seriously and be stated in more than just one-sided posts on social media, including the reactions of online commenters who face zero ramifications for their own accusations against either party. 

To my knowledge, this is the first case of one rollerblader using #MeToo against another, accusing a well-known and well-liked legend in the sport of doing the unthinkable and the intolerable. (EDIT: Since publishing this story, another skater has said he was molested from someone he met through skating, but declined to share details.)

Rollerblading comes with its risks, but being unsafe when your skates are off shouldn’t be one of them.  

If rollerblading had anything close to a traditional newsroom, I would have recused myself from covering the accusations against Chris, as I’ve considered him a friend for close to a decade.

I met him years ago in San Francisco while he was on tour. Since then, Chris has stayed at my place, sent a care package to a kid in my hometown, and greeted me with a big smile and a hug, as do many others who know him.

The accusations came as a shock, as I have never witnessed any behavior from Chris that would prevent me from calling him a friend. I’m proud to say I quickly distance myself from assholes, and I wouldn’t file him into that category.

I’ve hung out with many famous skaters before, but I’m not a woman, so our experiences will always be inheritably different.

Chris has gathered many friends and fans in the sport in the decades he’s been a part of it. His friendly attitude and unparalleled physical ability has propelled him to god status. He’s changed the sport through his unique blend of personal style and ballsy approach to it.

I have never met Victoria — better known as Vicky — but I did spend about four hours interviewing her over video messaging about the details of her side of the story weeks after she made the initial accusation, as well as following up with her about things that didn’t add up. I’ve confirmed what details I could, but large parts of this story are a he-said, she-said balanced timeline of events. 

I wasn’t at Roskilde in 2014. But neither party involved denied something sexual occurred in Chris’ tent in the early hours one morning in July that year.

The lingering question remains whether the encounter was consensual.

Again, if I were working in a traditional newsroom that covered rollerblading, I would have recused myself from the story for a conflict of interest: I’ve considered Chis a friend for the last decade and in that time I’ve never personally witnessed him being so much as rude to a server at a restaurant.

But rollerblading’s traditional news outlets have been silent on the matter, so here we are because the accusations deserve attention, considering the seriousness of the alleged offenses. 

They’ve resulted in some of Chris’ longterm sponsors dropping him, along with some deplorable comments from inside the skating community towards a fellow skater who says she’s a victim of sexual assault.  

“It’s important to tell the full picture,” Victoria told me. “I also know the other side of the story.”

There is no criminal investigation into the matter, so the rollerblading community is the ultimate judge and jury in this case. There are merely accusations and responses, the majority occurring on social media. 

“The accusations are untrue,” Chris posted to his Instagram story to his 24.6k followers weeks after the allegations were made public. “When they initially came out, I handled the matter privately and have since taken a long break from social media. I stand by my innocence.”

Handling it personally included calling Victoria the day she made the post.

Chris’ social media break is now over, and he’s back to posting clips of him skating rails in his home state of Minnesota.

But since he made his initial statement, weeks after the accusations were made, he has lost sponsorships and partnerships from longtime friends in both Vibralux and DEAD. The companies’ statements offer apologies to Victoria and the blading community at-large.

“You all deserve better than this,” the Vibralux statement on Aug. 30 said. “Nobody wants to discuss trauma or sexual allegations, but for our community to feel like a safe and open place for everyone, we need to be better in how we handle these things.”

“we hope that Victoria and Chris are able to begin their healing process,” the DEAD statement concluded.

Below is a timeline of events pieced together from my interview with Victoria, Chris’ public statements on the matter (He declined to be interviewed for this piece, so any attribution is directly from his two statements and screenshots of messages released on Instagram), other social media posts, and confirmation from those present for events. It’s an assembly of what facts remain after time, memory and social media hysteria has played its course.

Names of many people involved (e.g. who was hosting, others at contests, etc.) have been omitted due to the sensitive nature of the accusations, their requests not to be named, and the small and reactionary nature of our community.

Berlin 2014


Victoria Acevedo is a Chilean rollerblader and photographer. English isn’t her first language, but neither are the many others she encountered during her first trip to Europe in 2014. Before she’d travel there, she and Chris Farmer followed each other on Instagram.

They met in person in June 2014 at Summerclash — a ramp and camp event in Berlin — which was only a week before Roskilde, so many sponsors flew their well-known skaters to Europe. Hundreds of others also flocked there. Both are hard-partying skating events that bring many people from different parts of the blading-sphere together. 

Chris says he flew in from LAX to Berlin, took a nap to combat jet lag, and awoke to many faces, old ones and new ones. That’s when he first met Victoria in person. 

“He said he had a crush on me,” she said of their first meeting. 

Victoria says he tried to get her to go out on a date, but she turned him down because she wanted it to be more than just for a slice of pizza. At one point, while trying to be around her, he brought her a bag of gummy bears. 

“He was really friendly. He was trying to get my attention,” Victoria said. “I was trying to be polite with him. I respect him the same way my friends do.”

Chris says they “hit it off and there was quite a bit of flirting going on back and forth.”

At Summerclash, Victoria says she was busy taking photos, trying to see everything and avoiding getting tied down to one group, let alone one person. After the contest, the party kept on, as they typically do, and one of Victoria’s friends warned her about sticking around, as everyone was “drunk and stupid.” She ignored her friend’s advice, staying around the campsite, eventually meeting another woman named Victoria.  

“Chris Farmer is in love with you,” Victoria recalls the other Victoria telling her. 

Chris says after the party that Friday, Victoria had said she didn’t have a comfortable place to stay that night, so he offered her a bed in his hotel room, because one of his temporary roommates was expected to remain at the campsite. 

But that changed and that hotel roommate came back. The open bed became one shared with Chris, who Victoria describes as “moody” but appeared happy to share a bed with her.

“I was sharing the bed like friends would,” Victoria said. 

As she was going to sleep, she says she felt Chris’ hand slide up her shirt. 

“Now I know why he wanted me here,” she recalls thinking. 

She says she pushed his hands away and slept with her arms crossed over her chest. 

Chris says “nothing physical happened that night.”

“I do not push on women, I give them their space and respect a woman’s right to now assume that a woman in my hotel room means that something would happen,” he said. 

The next morning, they both showered, Victoria saying she “left because it was super awkward.” 

Before the contest was about to begin, Chris split his shin open so bad he needed an ambulance to take him to the hospital“This meant no more skating for the rest of my trip in Europe,” he said.

But Chris and Victoria remained in contact, sharing where they were and the location of sessions with large groups of skaters, many of whom who planned to attend Roskilde, an event in Denmark about 20 miles west of Copenhagen that attracted an estimated 131,000 people for numerous events, mostly the various musical performances from the Rolling Stones to Drake. Rollerbladers went for the skating and partying. 

It was only a seven-hour drive from Berlin. Victoria traveled in a van with her close group of friends. Chris and others took a bus.  

Victoria celebrated her 23rd birthday in Copenhagen on June 29, 2014, the first day of Roskilde.

Denmark 2014


As Victoria and Chris traveled around Copenhagen with their respective groups of friends, they stayed in contact through WhatsApp, Chris sharing his location so Victoria had the opportunity to meet up wherever the session landed next. Chris gave Victoria rides on his bicycle as the group moved around the city, sharing a photo of her on his Instagram, which has since been deleted. 

Victoria later recalled the events as Chris “marking his territory… making sure I was there with him.”

That night, Chris invited Victoria out to a bonfire. For her birthday, he gave her a basket that held two beers and a cactus with a chili plant on it. “This is how I was taught to treat women and this is how any woman I’ve dated can attest to,” Chris said. 

Victoria thanked him but says he seemed upset when she wasn’t moved by his gesture. “I felt bad because this is too much. I grabbed a beer, but I didn’t take the chili,” she said.

At the Roskilde festival itself, Victoria says she was at a loss. She didn’t have a ticket (They were about $212 USD) or a lot of money. She was able to get in a few times by taking her blades, telling security at the gates that she was there to skate. 

“The place was huge, but I felt like I couldn’t move,” she said of the crowded atmosphere. “Everyone was drunk and I found it more safe near my tent.”

Her tent — she illustrated by drawing various key locations at the festival — was not grouped with Chris’, rather down a makeshift aisle several yards down. But like all camping skate events, people migrated all over the place during the day and night, visiting, drinking, listening to music, etc. 

Because of Chris’ shin injury, he couldn’t skate. Instead, he judged the contests on Tuesday, July 1, the same day he went to the medical tent to get his stitches removed. 

Upon Chris coming back from the medic, Victoria asked him if he wanted to go somewhere quiet and get away from the chaos of the festival. The two went to the van and laid down and talked for a while. Chris said that included “that she felt indifferent about letting people see that there was anything between us.”

Victoria says she made it clear she didn’t want to be Chris’ girlfriend. 

“He wanted to hang out with me,” Victoria said. “I touched his hair and we did talk about life.”

Chris’ hair was in his trademark shaggy 70s-rocker long look at the time. 

The two left the van and headed back to camp. Victoria says she grabbed Chris’ hand while they walked. 

“I touched his hand to see if I felt something about him,” she said. “That day, I wanted to be more open to him, but I didn’t feel anything.”

While there are some discrepancies in timelines between Victoria and Chris’ accounts, the events leading up to what happened in Chris’ tent began with a bottle of liquor. A group of people had been hanging out and drinking, and Victoria says it was the only day she drank at the festival.

“At some point in the early evening,” Chris said, “the two of us had parted ways and separately continued our nights of partying.”

After a few hours, Victoria said she was drunk, bored and hungry, so she left the campsite and went to one of the onsite cafes. At one point, she met up with a friend who she says she always had a crush on. He kissed her. “So, obviously, I fall in love with him,” she said.

They hung out for a few hours and later had what Victoria described as a “quickie” in his tent.  

After, she returned to her own tent alone and soon went back to the cafe for pizza. Feeling “full and sleepy” Victoria says she was again on her way back to her tent when she spotted Chris. She says she felt like she was in trouble. 

“He grabbed my shoulder. He said, ‘We need to talk,’” she said. “He took me to his tent. Really slow. I was really drunk.”

In Chris’ tent, the two talked. Chris said Victoria “noticeably became upset and emotional” and told him she had slept with someone else. Victoria said Chris seemed upset with her.

“He was really curious, but also really angry because he was sad,” she said. “He wanted to be emotional with me.”

In Chris’ statement, he said, at that point, the adage “nice guys finish last was ringing true more than ever,” but Victoria disagrees with that characterization of the events. 

“I don’t think he was the nice guy,” she said. 

Chris says after talking about it “it seemed like we were both ready to go to sleep until she reached over and grabbed my genitals. I wasn’t expecting that and it honestly took me by surprise. We had not gone this far up to that point and I had been respectful of her space.”

He says he left the tent to urinate, came back to the tent and “we proceeded to have mutual consensual sex to which during the act, she stimulated herself with her fingers.”

Victoria says it Chris wasn’t respectful and it wasn’t consensual. She said he was upset she “gave the chance to a random guy” and he wanted to know who she had slept with. As she pushed him away, she says, his erect penis poked up from the top of his pants. Victoria says he left to pee, came back, pulled her trousers down and let it happen because she said she couldn’t do anything about it.

Chris says he stands by the fact that Victoria “gave no indication, verbal or physical, that it was something she [had] any objections to. If she did, even in the slightest bit, I would have stopped immediately. That is the kind of man I was raised to be and that is the man who I am today.”

When it was over, Victoria said she cleaned herself with her clothes and closed her eyes. In the morning, she says she awoke to Chris holding her. She tried to leave without waking him, but she says he reached out for her. 

“Give me my stuff,” she says she said at the time. 

Victoria says she went back to her tent, gathered some things and went to shower. 

“I took like three showers,” she said.  

Victoria says she ran into a friend and tried to tell him what happened, but he was too busy working at the cafe. She started having an anxiety attack, so she went back to her tent. 

“I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “Then I went to skate. I was alone. I felt better.”

As people started waking up, Victoria says she avoided bladers but eventually made her way to the street contest. Chris and the man she had slept with before — the person who she says Chris wanted to know who it was — were both judges, which made her feel paranoid.  

Chris says after the night Victoria stayed in his tent “she said she felt ashamed of what had happened and that she was not going to drink anymore for the rest of the festival. I helped try to talk her through it and get her mind off of it by going around the festival recycling.”

Recycling is when people pick up empty cans and bottles in return for cash, but Victoria says Chris kept trying to get her attention while she did it. She says she wanted her to leave him alone. “Maybe he didn’t understand,” she said.  

At one point, as word spread that Chris and Victoria were together in his tent that night — while others had heard of her and the other skater earlier in his tent — Victoria says she sat Chris down to talk, recalling making one point clear: “We were not together. You took advantage of me!” 

“I was really angry,” she said. 

After Roskilde, Victoria went to Berlin and — according to a post Chris made to his Instagram account on Aug. 30 this year — she messaged him that she missed hanging out with him and he was “really cool.” They both wished they had more time to spend together, but Victoria wrote “I fuck it up.”

“I just wanted to hear what he had to say to me,” Victoria said of why she stayed in contact with Chris. 



Since my interview with Victoria, Chris has posted snippets of their conversations after Roskilde when she was in Berlin, as well as after she saw him in a skate video and later when he curtailed his conversations with her after meeting someone else while he lived in California. 

I have tried to be as sensitive and thoughtful in my approach as possible.  I posted the details of this matter to my IG story, now here’s some proof of our interactions. I want to stress that is this is just a very small amount of the hours we spent communicating through messenger,text, phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, etc… I did not wish and do not wish to attack anyone, but at this point all I can do is offer the public the opportunity to see the situation for what it is, someone who regret their actions and tried to turn it into something else. After our time in Europe, we continued as friends for years and moved on from our awkward situation until at some point our friendship dwindled off. She continuously apologizes TO ME for doing wrong and tells me that she fells (sic) guilty for what she did to me. It wasn’t until we stopped talking and I began seeing someone that that the narrative changed. I hope this helps put the matter to rest and will continue to be respectful and supportive of women and that everyone finds peace with themselves moving forward,” Chris’ full post on Aug. 30 reads. 

According to Chris’ selected screenshots of those conversations, the following March, Victoria sent him another message, this time saying she still felt bad about “what I did with you,” but she wrote that she always respected him. 

“…what I did was wrong and immature, but I think you did wrong too… I think you are nice and kind and I really miss how we talk and laugh a lot before,” she wrote. 

Chris apologized for being “flakey/non-talkative” over those last few months because he’d met someone else while living in Los Angeles and didn’t want to talk with Victoria while with his new girlfriend.

“Yes, I know the attraction was there between the two of us and I know you wanted to take things slow, which I was fully okay with, but then things happened how they did… Strange situation, but shit happens and all we can do is learn from it…,” he wrote. “You do not need to continue to apologize, let’s just move on with a clean slate.” 

Chris finished his message by saying that he couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to be around one another. 

Three months later, in June 2015, Victoria wrote Chris to tell him she saw his VOD (for Vibralux) and she thought it was “so good.”

But she said in her Instagram post on July 15th this year that seeing him on-screen during the Formosa premiere last year made her want “to throw up.”

“While watching the movie … I was thinking, How can I fight so that in skating they stop supporting sexual abusers ?, I have to talk, things have to change and I never spoke until today, maybe someone listens and positive changes are made for us the women who skate. No more Abusers #metoo” 

One difference in her reaction was that she sought counseling and finished university.

Victoria’s post in July wasn’t the first she time she’d mentioned to a fellow rollerblader about what allegedly happened to her at Roskilde in 2014, confirmed by people who have heard talk of the allegations as early as 2015. 

In her Instagram post, Victoria says the portrait she made in 2015 was a result of wine and her hands talking for her. She included in quotes, “it did not happen because of my clothes, it did not happen because of my past it was because of his ego.”

She said she decided to come forward after recently breaking up with her latest boyfriend. 

“I made the post because I was finally ready,” Victoria told me. “It felt really good. Now I can move on.”

Chris’ Instagram statement on Aug. 24 didn’t mentioned Victoria by name, but included an acknowledgement that he understands “that sexual assault is a very real and serious matter,” including seeing firsthand the effects of its traumas can have on someone’s life. 

“I’ve said all I can say… This is my truth and this is what I stand by,” Chris’ statement concluded. 

Since making the post, Victoria says other women have reached out in support to her, but the whole experience, to her, shows how people need to watch out for one another. 

Victoria initially told me that someday she wanted to have a conversation with Chris, but she did acknowledge he did reach out to her the day she made the accusatory Instagram post.

“I only wanted him to say sorry,” she said.

Chris did call her when she first publicly made the accusation, but Victoria says he wouldn’t acknowledge what she said he did. As the two were hashing it out, she says, her phone turned off.

In the end, she says, he never called her back.


  • Thank you for covering this despite not being ideally situated to do so. Conversations regarding awareness and consent are vital to a healthy community and sharing both Chris’s and Victoria’s accounts/perspectives provides our community with an opportunity to have these conversations.

  • Good job Krans

  • So after all that, the situation remains the same – someone is lying and no one will ever know who that is

  • NoProHarrie wrote:

    Great work on this man,
    I don’t know what to think of this

    I do know I hate how people jump on either attacking one or the other

    But I can see how absolutely horrid these things are!

  • Gene Galang wrote:

    Thanks Krans! You a real one!

  • I think the most telling thing here is in her test message with him where she says “I think you did wrong too’

    I know a lot of assault and molestation survivors. This is very common, to bring the blame and shame back on themselves but still include the accused in the shame.

    I think it’s entirely possible that he thought it was consensual and she didn’t. Remember, he was one of the biggest pros, it’s hard to acknowledge that someone you looked up to could hurt you. If I had been in his situation I would have publicly apologized explaining that I had no idea she remembered it way and use it to make a statement about consent immediately. His lack of an immediate reaction reflects poorly on him regardless of guilt.

    The most disappointing thing about this is it shined a light on how a large number of skaters perceive women and sexual assault.

    While we should never jump to condemn, we should also never victim shame. I’ll state it one last time, from both sides the individual could remember or interpret what took place in completely different ways.

    The important thing is that sexual assault happens and just because “I’ve known him for years”, you have no idea what others are really capable of.

  • Jonas Hansson wrote:

    Thank you. Was hoping and waiting for someone in the industry / media to rise to the challenge of officially addressing and investigate this difficult situation in a thoughtful / professional manner. Regardless of what ultimately happened, it’s vital that we as a community and sport, treat something like this with respect and not let the eager to judge herd mentality of social media get the final say in this. We all deserve better, especially the victim. So thanks to you Brian – I think even if this case never gets fully resolved, we can all find a bit more peace in this well written article.

  • I feel like this is a very one sided piece of journalism, granted he refused to comment or be interviewed but your forgetting a few things like her challenging him to a game of ‘blade’ for the truth on her insta story as well as maki the initial post and then refusing to answer questions in regards to a claim of sexual assault (serious on many levels) but ten continued to call people trolls and blocking them for asking questions again though I weren’t there like yourself I just feel if your gonna paint a picture paint the whole picture.

  • Thank you for writing this. It’s so crazy how the whole community/industry was tip-toeing around this. I understand how difficult of an issue it is but it needed to be addressed. I’m glad someone could cover this rationally and with as little bias as possible. Thanks Brian, you’re a great writer.

  • Frank Stoner wrote:

    Thank you, Brian.

  • I was there - Something happened wrote:

    There is no evidence and there are no known available witnesses. That’s a fact.

    However, I myself as well as at least 20 more or less well known and respected people of the community know quite a bit of Victorias story to be true

    He had a very strange thing for her and he was acting strange about it from the very start. Many of the people who were close around him wondered and talked about it even before the festival. Some of us even as early as in Berlin

    She spoke to me about these things in Berlin the first time we met and that was after I had met him had a few good conversations with him – had a very good impression of him. Super chill and nice and friendly, as I’m sure he genuinely is, as a human being.

    However we all have the potential to be damaging to ourselves and others if we lose our way and circumstances go in to a bad spiral (which is what I believe to be the case here)

    I don’t think he is a cunning fiend – in fact I’d bet real money that he isn’t. I know him as a nice and very friendly dude from the times I’ve spent with him myself, among our mutual friends – all of whom genuinely liked him a lot as a person and have great respect an admiration for him as one of the very greatest stars in blading history

    However. He did have this very weird obsession with Victoria – we all wondered about it and spoke to one another about it. He seemed devastated over the lack of interest from this young girl he’d only just met and hadn’t been romantic with. Like someone who had parted with a long time partner. It didn’t make any sense to most of us, and it made us wonder about his emotional state and mental well being – In combination with his being injured and maybe down over that too and heavy drinking in what seemed like a bad way in copenhagen following the clash and prior to Roskilde festival – staying at my good friend’s place.

    He was very down over her – it was a thing we all knew, and tried to make sense of and several of our crew had individual talks with him on the matter – and the general reaction was that there was just something a bit off about the whole thing

    Fast forward to the festival -! Roskilde is a special kind of crazy chaos, as most atendees will surely attest to!
    And the extended blader gang is definitely not gerally among the quite observers, and this year was by no means an exception to say the least. Drunken drugged out masculine hooligan spirits were at free play and at Roskilde if no where else – anything goes – go for it dude whoohooo! At a retarded level!

    One morning, after a crazy such night for me myself, I met Victoria who jumped around my shoulders crying and sobbing uncontrollably. She’d had also been trying several times in the days before to get my attention and company, because she was (visibly) stressed out and not in a great place because of the level of macho mayhem and scary rowdy attention of a huge group of dudes and very few moderate tempers, friends and fewer girls in her immidiate environment within the giant mass of hyphy festival party animals. I hadn’t been available either – out getting my own slice of entoxicating mayhem on my own terms with closer friends and free of responsibility for any unified group…

    She was devastated, in shock, real shock, sobbing and rambling almost incoherently for the first half to whole hour maybe. Tried to tell me what was wrong and stopped midsentence before a clear point was made many times. It was much to take on for me and I honestly was getting frustrated a bit, Hung over as hell, hardly sober and She couldnt tell me in full, She was scared! But She told me that a very famous blader had done something very bad with her and She woundnt say exactly what and whom (thinking back i guessed right), but I could tell She wasnt being hysterical (as in acting) She was completely out of it and scared and She was affraid to Come out fully because “who is gonna believe me over him”, and i couldnt get her to be specific but I could very well see that it was bad, whatever had happended.

    The other guy she was with is my friend, a very close friend, and we (including several others who were closely around) have all talked a lot about those days since then, and about her full story and about that being what was behind her understandably unusual behaviors and emotional reactions in those days following these events.

    This, like everything, is not hard proof, I know.

    I know enough that I personally believe one story more than the other – but that changes nothing and I, like everyone Else, might be wrong.

    I have weighed my interference very carefully and I have no desire to slander or punish anyone or overstep ethical boundaries (which, however, I might very well be doing here, in the eyes of some), but I could stand silently by, as it were.

    I had to share what I deem as relevant, even crucial, information on the matter. I know what I believe, I know I’m far from alone in this. And I’m only talking about people who where around and who were a part of this temporary but somewhat close environment in those days.

    I can and will not make any claims about what really happended, who may be guilty, who might be a liar and to what extent the individual stories may be true or false or how much of it could be a matter of misconception and/or miscommunication.

    I don’t believe in crime and punishment and I wish no harm or revenge or any kind of pain to be inflicted on Chris.

    But I am sure in my heart that what Victoria says is true, whatever his intention or perception was, I’m also totally convinced that he knows he wronged her in a big way (whatever the specifics), and I can’t let that slide in a matter this severe.

    His reactions to it all, or lack there of, is testament to percieved guilt and fear of consequence on his part.

    I know personally how excruciating this has been for our mutual friends behind Dead Wheels – him refusing to communicate in any way, for many weeks – as a friend first and foremost and also as business-parners

    What does Victoria, Most importantly , but also Dead and Vibralux stand to gain here if there’s no truth to any of it?

    Think about it. Money? There is none! This is not a classic Hollywood sharade. And there are no lawsuits.

    Attention? Believe me, none of these people want any of this attention – Look at the attention they are getting! Not great, is it?

    In what scenario would they stand to gain from this? Any of them?

    “Why should we believe her?” Has been the vastly over-represented response to this whole thing.

    I ask, and that’s based on a lot more information than most have; what reasons do you have to doubt her?

    And furthermore, why risk treating a potential rape victim like that in public?

    We can’t fully know – but we can reflect.

  • Wasn’t there. Don’t know what happened. wrote:

    After reading the above comment from “I was there- something happened”, I feel I can’t stay quiet, just as he felt – enough to comment in the first place. The comment came across very contradictory to me and it makes me question the motive. Seeing as their name says “something happened” yet their first sentence says “there is no evidence”.

    First, stating that he acted “strange” about it. What constitutes strange behavior, especially if you don’t actually know him? What is “normal” behavior from someone you’ve spent little time with?

    Stating that he was “obsessed with her”. Could what you describe as being obsessed be looked at from another perspective as someone excited about a girl he was interested in? All of us have been in a situation with a new person we like and it seemingly takes over our thoughts. Especially in a situation like his where he is hurt and probably upset that he can’t do what he planned on. Skate. Is it obsessive to focus on something positive that is new and exciting to you? If that’s the case, I can name about 500 people who have been “obsessed” in the past after meeting someone they liked. Zero of which raped anyone.

    You stated that he was devastated from the lack of interest, but by Victoria’s own account, they were in pretty constant communication, made plans to meet each other, she stayed in his room, they even shared their locations. That doesn’t sound like something to be “devastated” by “like parting with a long time partner.”

    Describing a drunken, drugged out event as being at a “retarded” level is just uncalled for… but I’ll continue.

    Victoria bring noticeably upset the next morning could be for many reasons. She stated herself in the texts Chris shared that she felt guilty and was having a hard time moving past it. I’ve seen many women (personally, women) who were very upset after a drunken night where they did something they regret. Again, by her own account, she did sleep with two men in the same night. Is it impossible that waking up to that reality lead to her sobbing? Is it impossible that she created this story (whether consciously or subconsciously) as a coping mechanism to put the blame elsewhere? She says in the interview that she doesn’t usually drink. Is it possible she doesn’t handle her alcohol well and made choices maybe she normally wouldn’t?

    I understand that you seemingly knowing Victoria better than Chris and seeing her upset would lead you to believe whatever it is she had to say. Of course. That is human nature. That mixed with what your opinion was on his demeanor has brought you to this conclusion. Yes, you have come to a conclusion. I just don’t understand how you seemingly are very much on her side, yet say that you won’t make claims on what really happened. Your chosen user name alone states that something did happen (insinuating his guilt.) I’ve always found it interesting when people praise and try to sound as if they really like someone and mean no harm, then continue on to tear them apart. Saying you like him doesn’t make you seem as if you are neutral or able to see his side, if that was the intention. Acknowledging what a good rollerblader he is doesn’t make you unbiased, clearly.

    Just because Chris didn’t react in the time you deem acceptable doesn’t account for guilt, for him or anyone. We live in a time where everything needs to be instant. Where everyone feels they deserve an immediate response, even if the situation has nothing to do with them. Victoria stated that Chris called her the day she said something (even though on IG she said he never reached out.) Is that not what is most important? He reached out to her directly, which isn’t something I personally would be able to do if I was accused of something I never did. It says he wouldn’t acknowledge what she accused him of, but if they already talked about it as she said, then why wouldn’t he? It sounds like you expect Chris to be and act a certain way based on who you believe him to be, but that’s not how it works, again, for him or anyone.

    In reference to your comment on Victoria and the Dead guys having nothing to gain, is that really fair? You mentioned attention as something so ridiculous for someone to want, but is it? She did challenge him to a skate duel at a contest, correct? What other reason would that be for? If she didn’t want this attention, I’m sure she knows where the local authorities are. If she only wanted an apology, she didn’t seem to make that known in all of the posts chris shared. And Dead not having anything to gain? Acting as the white night who would do anything for the rollerblading community wasn’t done to save themselves? They didn’t want Chris’ now tarnished name to be associated with them and you really think that was from their hearts? They’re a company. Their ultimate goal is to make money. If they cared so much about unjust treatment and bettering the environment of skating, why wait until now to make a move and take a stand? You drop someone when you believe they will hurt the bottom line. Sure there might not be a lot of money, but they knew that coming in. No money isn’t new. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep a company alive, whether it’s worth $1,000 or $1,000,000. Maybe they believed taking this stand would prove something and turn around what they believed to be happening, losing people who believed her and would no longer support them. Which yes, would be something to gain or at least save.

    At the end of the day, no one knows what happened. Not even you and your friends who weren’t satisfied with how Chris came across to them or how he responded. You were simply someone who happened to be around a “super chill, nice guy” along with your friends who “genuinely liked him a lot as a person”. You weren’t in the tent. Either was I. You are a person who believes what you believe based on your perception, just like those of us who believe Chris based on screen shots and even this interview. Victoria came across very confusing in her own words. She says it’s awkward, yet she keeps in touch constantly so they can meet up. She doesn’t like him, but she goes back to his tent to talk and stroke his hair. She’s afraid, yet never leaves when he gets up to pee. She wants an apology, yet never brings the situation up in their communication and instead apologizes for how she acted, says she made herself easy and sends selfies. She doesn’t want attention, but challenges him to a duel. I’m sure you’ve justified all of these things in your head, but I’ll go with believing Chris over nothing more than a story her friends back up because he acted weird.

  • DigitalGenocide wrote:

    I love the whole “what does she have to gain” argument. What did Lena Dunham have to gain for lying about getting raped in college? What did the stripper involved in the duke lacrosse rape case have to gain from lying about being raped. What did the girl at the center of the UVA rape story published by Rolling Stone have to gain for lying about being raped. I’m not saying all rape accusations are fake. That would be idiotic, but it’s also idiotic to assume that women never lie about this sort of thing. People need to stop trying to cancel others based off of the word of a single accuser and they need to stop this shaming bullshit for people being skeptical of a social media accusation 5 years after the incident allegedly took place. If Chris had multiple accusations, that would be a different story, but that’s not the case

  • Wasn’t there. Don’t know what happenen and DigitalGenocide (I understand your opinion just reflect your lack of identity)

    I don’t regret sleeping with my friend I did regret going to talk with Chris Farmer
    and I did regret all the situations he makes me pass trought just because we was contastly doing his stupid moves, I waited 5 years because I wasn’t sure where I was standing, now I know and I deserve to feel liberate from this, it wasn’t something I was up for, I always spoke with him with honesty even if he wasn’t a closer friend, I showed him respect all the time before and after and he never did, what he did was wrong and is not right!, the next morning he went to tell all his friends that we were together! He didn’t even went to talk to me before or even ask me if I was okay with that? Don’t you think is that fair ?? I mean why people believe him that we were together and they believe my accusation is a LIE? they only thing I’m losing with this is fake people around me and im glad that this experience turn this way, now I can see that chris farmer is not the only asshole in this industry, I spoke with him many times before this happened and I said that I was not up for anything romantic, I didn’t play with his hair I touch his hair to ask him why he change his hair color, because he love mine just because my hair is black.

    I hope you can understand all this as a whole the abuse wasn’t just the unwanted sex was also all his attitude towards me and the friends who were around, just because is him doesn’t gave him the power to do what he did.

    AND FINALLY I didn’t challenge him to a duel I challenge him to speak up the truth face to face with me HE NEED TO SAY SORRY, He need to realize that he didn’t deserve that!

    I chose with who I fall in love with and he manipulated all the situation on his favor
    so please don’t judge me because I also work hard and I skate because I love what I do and selflove is the key to don’t hurt others as he did.

    and by the way he told me that he likes to hurt himself so he is able to drink and to not skate! even that attitude is stupid.

    PD: Thanks Brian for this interview even that people don’t understand….Sad.

    Victoria Acevedo

  • Honestly the whole thing is horrible.

    When I first read her accusations, it came off as is he had pinned her down and forced himself on her. I was shocked and surprised. I think many people like myself imagined something a lot more awful. Now after reading both their accounts, it’s a very muttered situation. One where without trying to insult the young lady, lacks in tangible details to collaborate her claim.

    It doesn’t seem like he was aware that she felt this way this whole time. Not from their exchanges and when they did get on the phone, she just yelled at him you raped me, you raped me. Without letting him get in a word wise or even letting him understand.

    I feel bad for her, the closure she was looking for and apology never came because of how the situation was presented. She’s obviously carried this feeling with her a long time.

    This piece did a better job than any other in trying to bring the facts but still came off very much like sensationalism rather than journalism but I cant blame the writer as I don’t imagine there is an editor to explain the importance of marking things as alleged in order to provide a non bias and fuel the perception of someone being guilty. It always feels nice to be on the side of what feels righteous and I can see how this is a time the blading community wanted to side with her.
    It was gross to see how many people came out to bash her and him over this. A very painful situation didn’t deserve more pain in the mix.

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